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Process Heating Systems

With more than 43 years of process electric heat and control experience, the Shuhart Company and their manufacturers can design and manufacture a complete skid mounted or packaged Process Heat and Control System for many applications in many industries. Versatility, along with very accurate process control capabilities has the popularity of electrically heated systems increasing versus larger combustion fired systems. Efficiency is superior in that the total immersion of the heat source converts all electric energy into heat energy.

State-of-the-art control system components provide extreme accuracy. Processes to be heated are not limited to liquids, but can include gasses and vapors. Process heating application requirements can be met by our manufacturers with a code-stamped vessel or a skid mounted assembly consisting of heaters, vessels, pumps or blowers, meters, piping, pressure or temperature sensors and all instrumentation. In-house manufacturing of ASME coded pressure vessels and UL and cUL Listed Control Panels and other certifications including CE can be provided. Advanced design, manufacturing and testing equipment add to our extensive capabilities to meet varied process applications. From just a couple of kilowatts to megawatts of power, the Shuhart Company and our manufacturers can supply everything from concept through manufacturing to delivery to start-up with single source responsibility.

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Custom Hot Oil Systems

Gaumer design and builds hot oil systems for any application in single or multiple stages as well as heating and cooling combined systems. Features available, but not limited to include:

Nitrogen Purged SCR Control Panel Hazardous Area Classification
Locally Mounted Expansion Tank High Velocity Design for Extremely Heat Sensitive Oil
Locally Mounted SCR Control Panel Back-up Pumps Piped and Wired for Automatic Change Over Operation
Standard Hot Oil Systems  
Gaumer hot Oil Systems are suitable for heating revolving rolls, platens, molds, dies, jacketed tanks and autoclaves where close even temperatures are required. Standard features include:
Pre-engineered, proven designs field tested under rugged 650ºF conditions Low Watt-density Incoloy 800 sheath heating elements provide "Even Heat" inside tube bundle
Unique "Buffer Tank" solves oil degradation problems associated with 150ºF hot oil reaching expansion tank Self-venting horizontal design eliminates air contamination and need to manually vent chambers
Pump may be isolated or removed without draining chamber Fully gasketed electrical control enclosure
GLOS 650 Series SubCompact Hot Oil Systems - 1GHOCS Series
Vaporizer Systems
Ammonia Vaporizer changes the state of Ammonia from liquid to gas and maintains the desired pressure conditions of the gas vapors. Recirculating fluids such as Dowtherm A, Dowtherm J, and Therminol VP-1 can be maintained at temperatures up to 750°F. Standard features include:
Pre-engineering, proven designs that have been field tested under rugged conditions Low Watt-density Incoloy 800 sheath heating elements provide "Even Heat" inside bundle
ASME Certified to 150psig @ 750°F, Complies with ANSI k61.1 300 lb. Carbon steel tank construction
Gate valves (inlet and outlet) provide system isolation from process when required SCR Thyristor Power Control assures more accurate temperature than conventional systems
Custom Two-Wall Tank Systems   

Custom electrically heated tanks have found to be the answer for heating applications where the use of immersed heaters is not desirable. Unique "double tank" construction utilizes a special heat transfer liquid in the outer tank assuring fast, even heat, and trouble free service.

A Control Panel Assembly with main disconnect, SCR control, safety magnetic contactor, electronic indicating temperature controls, and control transformer with 120V control circuit is provided for wall mounting or to the side of the tank.

Type PSQ Type PSQ
Steam Boilers

Steam boilers are available in small sizes for laboratory use, small tanks, sterilizers, reactions and distillation systems, autoclaves, food products, jacketed vessels for processing waxes, paraffin's, glues, resins, varnishes, and for wood bending. Available in 3-20 kW

Larger stem boiler application include storage tanks, reactions, distillations, autoclaves, dyestuffs, food processing, jacketed vessels, pipe tracing, viscous materials, fuel oil line heating, comfort heating, and humidification. Available in 12-180 kW.

Type GES Type GSSB
Type GBM Type GVS
Type GHPES    
Oven Systems
Custom oven systems are manufactured using electric radiant or forced air heating to produce a state-of-the-art engineered-to-order oven for thermal-processing, metal packaging and finishing industries. We can provide quality custom ovens for low temperature batch & continuous process applications.
Plastic Oven Applications Powder Coating Applications
Filter Applications Textile Applications
Wire and Cable Applications    
Process Control Panels
Designed to fulfill the control requirements of most process heating applications where rugged reliable service with SCR or contactor systems. Available in NEMA 12, NEMA 4, and Explosion Proof NEMA 7 models.
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Special Systems and Applications
If it requires heating, the Shuhart Company has the engineering capabilities and the sources to provide a solution to meet your needs. Throughout our website you will find information of our capabilities, but there are always applications that are a little different. Click on the link below to see a few applications that has been designed. Special Applications.
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