Melting Pots & Tanks
  Heated Tanks   STA-WARM melting and dispensing asphalt, pitch, waxes, adhesives, plastics, and many other industrial compounds. 5 gals. to 500 gals.
  Heated Jacketed Tanks   STA-WARM perfect for addition to your existing hot water, oil or stream system. 25-500 gallon capacities in steel or stainless steel.
  Heated Agitated Tanks   STA-WARM heated Agitated Tanks are designed for even heating and mixing of temperature sensitive materials. Our heated agitated tanks offer steel or 304 stainless steel construction, digital or analog temperature control, and a variety of agitation speeds from 5 to 750 gallons. Teflon coating available.
  Pharmaceutical Grade Process Tanks   STA-WARM pharmaceutical Grade Stainless Steel Process Tanks come in capacities ranging from 5 to 500 gallons. Highly polished 316 stainless steel, sanitary fittings and connections, high volume agitation.
  Heated Rectangular Tanks   STA-WARM rectangular tanks may be used as compound melters or as dipping tanks. Temperature ranges to suit heat requirements of various compounds can be engineered as required, as can various types of outlets, valves, dipping baskets, plungers for displacing materials, lids, partitions, etc.
  Industrial Ovens   STA-WARM custom designed, batch 55 gallon drum, drying, and laboratory ovens.
  Melting Pots   The famous STA-WARM "Even Heat" multiple circuit, blanket type clement is uniformly applied to the entire bottom area and up the sidewalls to approximately 75% of the wall height. Thus, heat is uniformly distributed at a low watt density (approximately 5 watts per square inch maximum) and burning and carbonization are reduced to a minimum.
  Cerro Melters   STA-WARM Cerro Melters are ideal for melting, maintaining, and dispensing Cerro alloys.
  Portable Droppers   STA-WARM portable droppers are used for applying small amounts of alloy directly to the work, through the thumb-controlled needle valve. Available in 1 pint size with inner cup of mild or stainless steel. Special low wattage and variable temperature controller are furnished for temperatures ranging from 100-300°F.
  Heated Pipe   STA-WARM electrically heated pipe is used for conveying melted material at temperature. Heated Pipes can be manufactured to almost any length with 100-550 temperature range.
  Hot Knives and Knife Heaters   STA-WARM Hot Knives & Knife Heaters are used for cutting and sealing thermoplastics, molded rubber, etc.
  Heated Valves   STA-WARM Heated Valve controls and dispenses melted material without clogging or "freezing".
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